Welcome to RVA.

Dear nephews and niece:

I love you all so very much, but I never get to talk to any of you little bastards. I’m writing this blog for you all, so that one day in the future you guys can look back and see just how awesome your aunt Cat(ie, whichever you prefer) really is. This is especially important in our family given that so many of them are embarrassing crazypeople.

Since I was younger than all of you are now (except for Henry, because, well, let’s face it Henry- you’re 2) my goal in life has been to travel and see the world. As of today I’ve barely covered a smidgen of good mother Earth, but soon amigos, soon… Insh’Allah (as they say in Arabic) I will go to Dubai next year to teach, and after I will go to many other places. Mark my words. In the meanwhile, I currently live in my home of four years, Richmond VA. Good ol’ RVA.

Anywho, I hope you all will enjoy this whenever you may read it. In the meanwhile I’m just going to keep it on the interweb, in the event that someone would like to plagiarize my inexcusably good writing.

Much love to you all. Kick your parents for me the next time you see them.
-aunt Catie