what is terrorism, anyway?

Dear kids,

The news is full of talk about whether or not the bombing yesterday was terrorism. Interpretation: The officials are trying to figure out if dem der A-rabs are at it again. Let me tell you something kids, whether committed by Arabs, Americans, Latinos, or aliens (no, not the immigrant kind), this shit was terrorism. So, it is a gross–no, disgusting–insult to humanity for officials to “suggest” that terrorism was involved. People were terrorized yesterday. They were terrified. They were appalled and hurt and sad and angry and damaged– by terror. So, if this isn’t terrorism I don’t know what is.

Why is it that a detonated bomb is only considered “terrorism” if it was done so by a radical Islamist? I guess it’s just political climate. Fueled by people who won’t speak up. Because they’re just trying to do their job, pay their bills, and focus on getting through their daily lives. We’ve come to just accept that policy is an almost impossible feat to work through productively.

I’m cranky, kids. I’m sad for humanity. But, as I told a friend today, I take solace in the knowledge that for every bad apple, there is a bunch of good ones. I’m young- as young as you all will be some day – but, after over two decades of existing on earth, I know see that as the truth.

Be strong. “Keep calm. [&] Carry on.”

Love always.
-Aunt Cat


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