…I’m in NYC!

Well kids, as you probably gathered from the picture, I’m currently in New York. And if you read the caption, you’ll notice I’ve moved here! Yes, that’s right! Your favorite Aunt is now a proud New Yorker. I probably won’t actually be able to call myself that for awhile, given that I moved here Tuesday and today is Saturday, but it will come with time, just as it did in Richmond.

It took me an extra year to get outta VA, but alas we’ve done it! (We being Brenden and I, not me and the mouse in my pocket.) If you read my first post of this blog you’ll notice that a couple of years ago I was hoping to move to Dubai. Obviously that didn’t work out. That’s life. You can build a dam, but you can only control water but so much. Life is that way too. You can plan to your heart’s content, which is good, but to a large extent the way things work is up to the Universe, and not for you to control. That said, keep planning and working hard, but also hope for good luck and good fortune.

There’s a long-winded story of how I ended up getting here, but that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about where I am, and for now I’M IN THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH!!!!! I’ve been here for four days and already I’ve seen more here than my eyes can ever remember seeing.

highlights of the last four days:

  • New Year’s Eve in Times Square (ok that’s the obvious one)
  • eating some mighty amazing pizza for just $0.99
  • shopping in THE Macy’s (the big one on 34th street)
  • SNOW! Like 8″ of it
    snow stoked
  • an actual snowday in NYC (which is rare)
  • Native Americans playing woodwind instruments in the subway station (sounded incredible)
  • cheap diners
  • musicians on trains
  • fire escape porches
  • watching a body get fished out of Central Park … (yeah, that’s the more morbid one)
  • Starbucks on every corner (no, seriously- every single one.)

    (we have a gift card)

    (we have a gift card)

I live in Manhattan, but today I’m going to an art museum in Brooklyn because I lovelovelove art of all kinds shapes and colors. Will keep you posted.

Love always,

aunt Catie


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