subway: ride fresh

Dear kids,

Today I was on the subway, and I was yesterday, and then the day before… Yeah, so pretty much every day since I got here. It’s where I’m am for at least 80 minutes of every day day. I really like riding the subway here. It’s cheaper, and it takes me anywhere in NYC – which is kind of like being able to go to any corner of the earth in less than an hour. I swear, this one city has as much to do in it as all of the other cities and towns in the world combined. It’s amazing! I encourage the use of it for all.  The convenience, quickness, and cheapness is one reason to love the subway. But wait, there’s more!

inside the magical train

inside the magical train

The other thing is that there are so many fascinating people in the subway! Particularly people singing and dancing in the subway station or on the actual train. Last weekend I heard and saw four or five Native American dudes playing cool bongo-esque drums and woodwind instruments made of some kind of tubular wood or reed . I heard it before I saw it. I was coming down the stairs into the station and I thought it was just kind of playing from some big speakers. I could feel the vibrations in the floor, and I thought to myself, “there’s no way someone just happens to be randomly playing something that loud and intriguing in the middle of an underground subway station.” Well it was, and the experience of the sound and site was bitchin’. Because the station was underground, the music had this great echo to it. It literally sent out good [sound] vibes. It was fascinatingly fun.

I was pretty stoked when I saw that it was real people playing live, in-person.

I’ve been here for less than two weeks and already I’ve seen so many personalities and characters: and that’s just talking about the subway! We’ll talk about the streets later maybe, but all I’m saying is that there is some cool shit in the NYC subway.

All for now. Good night and sweet dreams,

Aunt cat


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