End of January Recap

Dear kids,

A lot has happened in the past few weeks! I’ve combed the city: from northern Manhattan, which is where I live, to southern Manhattan, which is where Wall Street and the World Trade Center are located. There’s so much that it’s difficult for me to write in depth about each place, SO- I want each of you to pick one spot and I will write more about it. Here are some highlights. By the way, this list is in no particular order.
  • Greenwich Village: Thrift shops, coffee shops, bars- oh my! This home of the show, Friends, is the epitome of fabulous.
  • Riverside Library, near the Lincoln Center (see below), where I did yoga on a Saturday morning and made a new friend 🙂 Let me tell you something- as a yoga lover and a word nerd, doing yoga in a library was pretty much heaven.
  • Bagels!!! NYC is the motherland of bagels. Hot & Crusty in Greenwich Village & Mike’s Bagels in WaHi (=Washington Heights, where I live).
  • Chinatown, where we paid only $1(!) for yummy dumplings at Prosperity Dumpling. And they said this city was expensive… When in Chinatown we also saw the Dragon Fighter Fire Squad. No, seriously. That happened.

    Displaying IMG_20140117_191852805.jpg

    “Chinatown Dragon Fighters”

  • One World Trade Center, which is supposedly the tallest building in the U.S., but in my opinion it’s not because they cheated by adding this giant antenna that’s not actually usable space. Kind of insulting, actually…
  • Nancy Whiskey Bar, where Uncle B and I stopped in for a drink when we came back from a long voyage to VA to visit Cody and family.
  • Times Square– went again one day after work because it was snowing. And by snowing, I mean blizzarding. We got a foot! The most snow I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was absolutely beautiful.

    A foot of snow, and it kept on coming! It was wonderful.

    Me & B 1.21.14

  • New job, which is right next to Radio City music hall, and very close to Fifth Ave. And by very close, I mean one block away. (sidenote: more on this new job business later)

    En route to work

  • Wall Street where I had to do some stuffy boring business, but I did see it for a few minutes.
  • The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART!! I’ve dreamt of going here since I was very young. Younger than most of you. I was not disappointed. I visited this Islamic arts collection, the Impressionists collection (where I saw many Van Goghs), and the Modern Art collection. Faaaabulous!
  • The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which is where Cher and “Nick Cage” hang out in the epic classic, Moonstruck (ask Auntnet or Becca about that one).

    That’s me in the background, with the pink yoga mat.

Well kids, now it’s up to you. Tell me what you want to know more about! If you don’t, I’ll harass you like I did last time. 😉

In the next few days I’m going to start posting a map of all this. I would’ve done it in this entry, but I’m having technical issues. Thanks so much to your Uncle Tim/dad for the awesome idea!

Love you all.


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