Geographical Revisions: A word on the east side of Manhattan


Remember this: never think you’re too right about something.

I just had to school myself a little. Here I was, feeling smug and clever for my maps and my knowing about midtown and Chelsea, when I re-visited my blog Friday night and noticed something amiss with my Lower East Side Map. I noticed that one of the bars I mentioned visiting, Otto’s, was located way above the boundaries I’d drawn for Lower East Side. I though, “crap, I drew it wrong.” Then I thought about it and realized I’d drawn the LES boundaries perfectly fine, but I’d actually gotten my easts mixed up! My favorite part of Manhattan was in fact East VILLAGE – not Lower East Side! Lower East Side is cool, don’t get me wrong. It’s right next to Chinatown (or maybe Chinatown is a part of it?) and there are some really cool spots. But, East Village is where it’s at. Within East Village you have Alphabet City, named after its A, B, C-named streets.  That’s where it’s at, folks. It’s a good crowd, decent prices, and a little less hipstery than Greenwich Village (but just as cool and eclectic).


Until next time-

Aunt Catie

PS: Don’t worry, this is not my attempt to show off my graphic design skills. I used Microsoft Paint and took less than a minute to draw these fancy lines.


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