Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please: A guest feature with Uncle Brenden!

Following is Brenden’s account of his adventure on the subway platform today.

Trains don’t always stop when the door closes on some one.  

Today I was getting in the train when it closed on my arm.  I was expecting to have to apply a little pressure, and then the door would open. I was wrong. I could not get the door open then I heard the “phhssssssstt” of the breaks unlocking and feel the train start to lurch (my arm has not been removed).  I start jogging next to the train, slightly panicked screaming “stop the train” then adding “asshole.”  Luckily i managed to rip my arm loose leaving my newspaper flapping in the wind still clutched in the doors grasp.  oy vey
I’m glad that I am currently at work, and not at the ER or the morgue with my impaled husband.
Love always,
Aunt Cat (& Uncle B)

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