The Subway Surfboard Spectacle: A move in numbers

this happened

this happened

Dear kids,

For the past three months I have observed interesting and unusual activity as a passive subway-rider anthropologist. I’ve encountered some weird phenomena, including a vampire, complete with fangs, on the L-train. Two weekends ago, I took a few steps closer toward being a real New Yorker when I went from seeing a subway spectacle to being a subway spectacle.

Before moving here, Brenden and I purged about 75% of our crap. We kept only our clothes, a not-quite-full-length mirror, books, kitchen stuff, and a sweet board game collection (but a lot of that got the kibosh, too). The books, kitchen stuff, and most of the board games are in storage. The clothes, mirror, and some of the board games stayed with us. The latter are the “only” items we had to move from our initial three-month sublet to our new, somewhat more permanent apartment.


If we had a car or a van this would’ve taken one trip and we still would’ve had room in the car for groceries–but we didn’t. Instead we moved all of our crap via public transportation. One trip = as much as 2 arms can carry.  There was “only” a little bit, but there were indeed many trips.


2 arms of carrying = something like: at most 2-3 boxes -or- 1 backpack1 large duffel bag1 large box (carried on top of my head). So, “only” clothes and some board games actually turned out to be a lot of crap because as it turns out, winter clothes for two people take up a lot of space. Oh yeah, in addition to “only” that I have with me my most prized possession, ONE 9′ SURFBOARD. Which, along with everything else, I carried:

3 flights of stairs (down)


8 blocks over


1 careful hike underground into the subway station


3 subway stops


1 cautious crawl out of the underground


1.5 blocks up


4 flights of stairs (up)

pivot (<– joke for my Friends lovers, namely Aunt Jalisa)

1 trip = 1,000,000 calories burnt = 1 guilt-free beer drinking and pizza eating session that followed the fun of moving.

endless beer

Good times.

All’s well that ends well, and our new apartment is EVERYTHINGANAPARTMENTSHOULDEVERBE! but more importantly…

I HAVE MY DOG BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the reunion :-)

the reunion 🙂

Love always,

Aunt Catie

Brenden with the not-quite-full-length mirror

Brenden with the not-quite-full-length mirror

one of many trips

one of many trips


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