Do The Rockaway

Dear kids,

Last weekend Brenden and I got an epic deal on some bus tickets to the beach, so we went to Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways, which is in Queens. Beaches are the last thing that I associated with NYC before I moved here, but then it hit me as the weather started warming that we’re more or less ON the ocean. In slightly under an hour I can be from my front door to the sands of the ocean. Beaches here don’t get the best rap, but this particular one in the Rockaways got great reviews and, being the water babies we are, we were desperate for some ocean love.

Old school postcard: Surf Bathing At Jacob Riis Park, Rockaway Beach Long Island, NY

Old school postcard: Surf Bathing At Jacob Riis Park, Rockaway Beach Long Island, NY

Recently I was hard at work surfing the web last week when I came across an article about the NYCBeachBus. For $12 a person, a bus will come fetch you and take you to one of two beaches in The Rockaways,** let you stay to a designated time, and then take you home. But wait! There’s more! The $12 includes beer!! It was supposed to be two beers, but we only got one because the moron running the trip on the way home “didn’t have time” but that’s something I’ll take up with Yelp, not this blog. The beer we did get was good beer, too. Not that Miller Lite crap that your fathers drink. All in all it was a great deal that led us to the holy Mecca that is THE OCEAN.

[**FYI: Rockaway (aka The Rockaways) is a peninsula in Queens. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the south and Jamaica Bay to the north.]

Jacob Riis Park is approx 1hr total from our front door

The beach was beautiful and the water was crisp. Definitely too cold to swim in, but the weather was perfect. We spent the day basking in the sun. At one point we noticed a bunch of half-naked people walking around and realized we’d accidentally stumbled upon a nude beach. Fortunately we saw no saggy old men.


After getting some good chill time in we went to this place, The Wharf, for lunch. It’s a waterfront dive-type place on the bay side of the peninsula, with great views of Manhattan. Plus we were so close to JFK airport that we got some great plane watching in. For food we got the crab cake appetizer, Brenden got fish tacos, and I got the coconut shrimp basket.

The Wharf Bar & Grill

The Wharf Bar & Grill

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Brenden post tacos

All in all it was a lovely day! By the time we got home we were so pooped, but the good kind. The kind that lets you know your day was a success. 🙂

Until next time, and all my love.