Virginia, July 2014

Hi guys!!

At the beginning of this month we went back home to Virginia for a Fourth of July visit. Brenden and I departed for VA on Thursday, July 3 at 4pm (on the 3pm bus…) and arrived in RVA around 11:30-midnight. Unfortunately our stint in Richmond lasted a grand total of 12 hours, but we made sure to get in as much chill time as possible.

We met up with as many friends as we could get our hands on in such a small window of time. We visited one of our favorite bars, The Camel, and stayed until closing time (which wasn’t hard given we got there at 12:30 and last call’s at 1:45). The next morning we went with Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jake to 821, the world’s greatest brunch spot. Although it does not offer the “bottomless brunch” deal that many NYC restaurants boast (you’ll appreciate those things greatly when you’re 21 if you end up growing into your Modlin drinking genes) it has the best damn food for the best damn prices, and cheap mimosas – the mandatory brunch beverage. They make perhaps the best biscuit and gravy I’ve ever had. They also have this thing, the Big Meaty, which is just a mound of breakfast meats on top of potatoes or grits with cheese poured on top. We have yet to find anything similar here and if nothing else made us homesick, that thing sure would. So, we loaded up on biscuits and meaties at 821 and headed to Gloucester, VA to see Aunt Net.

Never before have I appreciated Gloucester’s slow silence so fully. As soon as we arrived I felt soothed by the southern summer air. Aunt Net fixed me a cup of coffee and the three of us sat on her porch chatting. This in essence is how we spent the entire long weekend there, and it was wonderful. That night, the night of the 4th, we went to the beach by the Coleman Bridge to watch fireworks. I got some really nice pictures that I will let speak for themselves. I’ve not yet altered the photos, but I’ve been wanting to write you guys before I leave for San Antonio (which is today).


The Coleman Bridge

The Coleman Bridge

Dancing Pier Lights

Dancing Pier Lights

The next day we went to Bethel Beach Nature Area Preserve. It was beautiful and quite uncrowded, which has become a welcome interruption to the constantly crowded life we’ve moved ourselves into. We spent the day sunning, chatting and playing. It was a perfect day. High 80’s, slight breeze, total sun. The water was a little weird because the bottom was muddy instead of sandy, so we didn’t swim very much, but we waded a little and just had a lovely afternoon.

Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve

Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) / it's always ourselves we find in the sea."

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) / it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”

Leaving with the Virginia sun

Leaving with the Virginia sun

This trip was an eye opener. For as Ladybug put it, “sometimes Dorothy must leave home before she realized how good she had it in her own backyard.”

I love you kids.

UP NEXT: Summer Digest (World’s Fair, Times Square, Mermaids, and more!), San Antone, and AMATEUR NIGHT AT THE APOLLOOO!!


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